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Week 4 Module 1 Journal entry

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In this week’s elective we learned about resume formats and how to write good cover letters. “A brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.” (résumé.(n.d). Dictionary.com Unabridged.) We were required to read many tips and good points included in the lecture. The examples were concise, practical and helpful. I did not realise until I took this lecture that a cover letter was necessary for a resume and I did not know that it was related to a resume; rather I thought it was a separate unrelated document.

As far as I understand, the purpose of writing a resume is to present your abilities, skills, experiences and knowledge to a potential employer in a clear, concise and interesting manner. It is quite a difficult task to complete well and it is quite competitive, however it is rewarding if done properly.

I benefited from the lecture because I learned the importance of writing a good cover letter. If one is applying for a position that has many applicants, it is important for one’s application to stand out in a positive light; as this means a greater chance of employment, hence their cover letter must be presentable and well written. I also learned that writing too much information can be a bad thing and that it is much better to make things succinct and relevant. It is also important to make the writing appear positive and not negative about my abilities and experiences. That seems obvious but I did not think of it until I viewed the lecture.

I still have a lot of work to do in terms of writing a good resume, as well as a cover letter. The last resume that I wrote about a year and a half ago, helped me get a part time job at a fast food franchise. Its layout was nice and it included some relevant information, however looking back now I think I included too much unnecessary information. Although at the end of the day I got the job, so it was not too bad. I have not written a cover letter before so it may prove to be a challenge.


Reference list:

résumé. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved August 21, 2014, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/résumé



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  1. eporto says:

    Good job Vladimir, this is concise and explains clearly what was covered in the lecture and accompanying material. I’d advise that your reference should be something more substantial and focused than a dictionary entry: please see the ‘Resources’ folder on Blackboard for examples of the type of source you should use.


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