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Week 6 Reflective Journal

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This week I completed my first assignment for the first module. We were required to write a resume and a cover letter. Also for the lecture we were presented with lecture notes about interview techniques, a video presentation and powerpoint slides featuring Shireen Dupreez, an expert from the industry. It was quite interesting as the advice had practical application and not just theoretical.

One comment Shireen made struck me as quite true, “50% – 80% of job offerings aren’t advertised publicly.” Someone told me a similar thing before but it is interesting to hear it from her as she is a professional. In actual fact both part time jobs that I have had were not, to my knowledge, advertised anywhere when I applied for them. To me, this statistic emphasizes the importance of networking. Because if it is correct, that means that the chances are that you will acquire your job from someone you know rather than by answering a job advertisement.

The idea in the pdf document, to practice a job interview with a friend is very useful. “A role play interview may test your problem solving, decision making, verbal communication, analytical reasoning skills, assertiveness…” (Individual role plays, Role playing interviews. n.d.). Also role playing can be quite useful because often interviewers will test potential candidates to see how they will react in certain tricky situations, such as being put under pressure (Goldman, A. 2013). I thought the advices on researching the position and the company you apply for, was quite valuable. Because generally the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Especially in a job interview, I think it is useful as you will be able to answer certain questions relating to the position and company, impressing the interviewer, as you took time and effort to learn about their company. Not only that but you will have a better idea of what they are looking for and what is expected of you. So if you fit into their requirements, than chances are, you will get the job and work in an environment that you like and is well suited to you.

It seems to me, that in order to be a good candidate in acquiring a job you need to have a good resume, cover letter, be able to perform well in the job interview, have a large network, have good networking and communication skills, research the position and company thoroughly and have relevant work experience and qualifications. Though overall, your technique, personality, passion and skills should be suitable to the actual position.


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  1. eporto says:

    Excellent Vladimir – and well done for including more than one reference. This is a really insightful post that also clearly covers what was discussed in the session.


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