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Week 7 Module 6 Reflective Journal

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This week I began learning about e-portfolios. An e-portfolio is “a collection of digital or electronic items together such as word documents, photos, graphs, diagrams and power point presentations all within a single secure online environment” (What is an e-portfolio. n.d.). There was a lot of comprehensive information this week in regards to how to create an effective e-portfolio. In my opinion, the main purpose of students/potential employees creating an e-portfolio, is to basically show their skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience in a presentable, easy to read format. This is done to attract potential employers, making it easier and more enjoyable for them when looking for potential employees.

E-portfolios are also utilised as a method for candidates to organise relevant information about themselves into distinct categories, allowing the employer to see quite clearly if a candidate is right for the job. They consist of all sorts of relevant information that the employer will be looking for such as your aims in life, qualifications, education, passions, experience, strengths and skills. “From Information Technology jobs to graphic design,…having an ePortfolio is an excellent way for students…to provide prospective employers with a glimpse of their work.” (Are ePortfolios Still Relevant for Today’s Students?, ePortfolios Never Went Away—They Just Became Standard Practice. 2013)

E-portfolios are also beneficial for candidates in job interviews. Because by creating one, most of the key information that is contained within it, is memorised by the potential employee that created it. This makes them feel more confident as they are better prepared, to answer likely questions in the interview. I also learned this week that it is important to update your e-portfolio, even when you are employed, as it may assist you in getting another job in the future. Plus it is good to update it with new achievements and goals that you have attained. This is good practice even while you are employed as it can keep your bosses informed and they may potentially promote you.

I think E-portfolios are very important for all people who wish to apply for a job. A lot of applicants currently use them. It also assists in sorting out an applicant’s relevant information in a clear and interesting format. It gives them a competitive edge and demonstrates their organisational skills to the potential employer. They are very current in this day and age so it is definitely worth creating one, since it will probably help your chances of finding a job suitable to you.


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