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Reflective journal week 10/holiday break part 1

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Last week was the submission week of my second assignment, for module 6. For this assignment I had to create an e-portfolio using WordPress. This wasn’t as easy as I thought it was. I have never made an e-portfolio before and I didn’t really know much about it until I started this unit. In this post I will be reflecting on certain aspects that I think I should have improved on.

One of the main difficulties I experienced was that I do not have a lot of excellent relevant work examples to show to employers. While studying at university, I chose mostly theoretical units, as I was exempt from quite a few practical units, due to my advanced standing. Looking at it now I should have chosen some units where I would have been part of a production crew in short films or videos. Or, I should have at least taken some work experience outside university, at a television studio, or some local current short film or even create my own video and be the camera operator. The work I submitted was not too bad; however, it was not as relevant as it should have been. It would have been preferable to post professional work rather than university work.

I also think that my design and layout should have been changed. It looked too plain and simple. It needed to have more appeal so that it stood out and caught the potential employer’s attention. “You should include a welcome/introduction to your ePortfolio. This is the first virtual impression that people will have of you,… explain the organisation… and direct the viewer through the site.” (What is an e-portfolio? 2014). I don’t think you need to have specific written instructions on an e-portfolio, in order to direct viewers, though the layout should be suggestive and guide the viewer at what to look at next. There should be a nice flow to the structure of the e-portfolio. 

The way my pictures from my photo gallery were lined up, were not as interesting as they should have been. They should have been laid out in the way of a traditional photo album. I did not provide enough information and details about myself. “Provide descriptions…that tell how they represent your skills, what your contributions were to the final product, how it was used, etc.” (Tips for creating a compelling E-portfolio!, What should you put in your e-portfolio? [n.d].) I should have expanded much more on things such as my skills and strengths, plus, elaborate on my qualifications and perhaps present relevant work that I did from each of those courses.

To conclude, I think I could have done a better job, however I just haven’t got enough examples of recent relevant work experience to make my e-portfolio look very presentable. Also the design and layout should have been changed to look more appealing. Also, I should have elaborated on certain information, explaining more about aspects such as my skills and work experience. I think with more practice I will become better. This was a very interesting assignment as it is quite useful in practice not just in the classroom.


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