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Reflective journal week 11

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This week I learned some useful ideas in regards to the reflective essay assignment. The lecture described how this essay is different in terms of style to other essays. I basically have to write about my experiences at university and what I have learned while studying. In this type of essay I still need to have references and I need to focus on the key points of things I have learned at the university.

In writing this essay, there are three styles students are allowed to use. The first style is a reflection on what I have personally learned while studying at ECU, from my experiences and observations. The second is a typical academic essay which focuses on what I have learned from lectures and assignments. In other words, the knowledge I have obtained from logical reasoning and understanding. The third type is a combination of the first two.

As this essay is a personal reflective essay, I must write in first person point of view. Also I should write about my own personal experiences and/or specific ideas which I came across while studying. In terms of the experiential style essay, I think I should speak of the given circumstances, what I observed or noticed, how I analysed what occurred and finally how it affected me. “But instead of just blathering about yourself, describe vivid scenes and what they mean to you” (How to write a personal essay, 1999). I have to make sure that I focus on the key details of what occurred rather than solely on myself, I have to find the right balance. In the academic format, I should discuss theories and concepts I learned in lectures and personal research. I should explain why they are relevant to me and how this knowledge may assist me in the future.

I can also speak of my failures, what didn’t work and why. I can talk about what interested me and how it was beneficial to my overall learning.  “reflect on your experience and really outline how you have changed as a person and how your life has been affected or impacted.” (Writing a personal reflective essay, n.d.). These aspects are part of my overall transformation while studying at the university. I think this essay will not be an easy one to write for me personally, as there seems to be too many possibilities to write about. However, it should be an interesting experience as I do not recall ever writing this type of essay before.

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